Doing Business with One America

Product Training:
Submission: (make sure all training requirements are met)
Applications can be mailed, faxed, submitted electronically, or completed by E-Application!
Electronic Ticket - Visit the OneAmerica site: how to use the New Ticket Platform: Click HERE
Mailing Address:
One America
PO BOX 6062
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6062
New Application Submission Fax Number: 317-285-5235
FAX:  Care Solutions Home Office: 317-285-5115 
Illustrations and Marketing Support:
· Please contact your immediate up line or a member of the OAKTREE Annuity marketing team at 888-591-1341.
· Case management issues, pending case status, or updates- please reach out to our Case Manager, Adam McGlothlin at 888-803-4367 or via email to
· For Illustration or product assistance: Justin Fox at 844-658-3725 or via email at
Agent Contract Submission:
· All agent contracts should be emailed to or faxed to 276-591-1344