Doing Business with American National Annuities

Product Training:

If you are NOT appointed:
If you are appointed and have registered on the ANICO website:

Submission: (make sure all training requirements are met)

  • Email – Only if there’s a replacement (
  • Expert Scan- Already appointed agents can use this and simply scan in the application
  • Mailing Address- Send original applications- please be sure to keep a copy.
American National Insurance Company
C/o Annuity Services
1949 E. Sunshine Street
Springfield, MO 65808-0427
Annuity Services
PO BOX 10427
Sprinfield, MO 65808-0427


  • Pending requirements can be faxed directly to the carrier at 409-766-2022. (Please include the client's name and policy number on the cover page.)

Illustrations and Marketing Support:

  • Please contact your immediate up line or a member of the OAKTREE Annuity marketing team at 888-591-1341.

Agent Contract Submission: